Dec 3, 8:15 pm

Brett's workouts are fast-paced, fun and effective. The strong boxing influence in his program has many benefits. There are the obvious fitness results including weight loss and a firmer, stronger and fitter body. Participants also learn a vital self defence discipline.

The majority of clients decide never to pursue boxing as a sport - although there is that option - but all learn how to box as part of the fitness regime. Also the sessions are fun. Unlike the dull routine of a gym, Brett guides his clients through a series of work stations that keep the intensity and interest levels peaking. There are the various workout bags - the heavy punching bag, the floor to ceiling ball, the speed ball. There is also one-on-one sparring with Brett and numerous other exercises.

Brett's clients come from almost every walk of life - corporate high-flyers, labourers, busy mums and dads, university students and school-aged teenagers. People of all fitness levels, beginners to the elite, enjoy the sessions.

There are two types of sessions:

  • The Group session ($8 per hour)
  • The Max session ($15 per hour)

Both sessions have a similar exercise routine, however the Max session has a cap of eight people per session, which gives more one-on-one time with Brett, who is then able to personalise that session more for individuals.

The larger Group sessions run at set times during the week (see Training Times), however the Max session can be tailored more to clients' timetables.

Personal Training

In addition to the variety of classes available to our members, Power Boxing also offers personal training programs dedicated to help you reach higher level of fitness than could be achieved independently.

Our experienced trainers will work with you to help you develop cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, through both traditional and innovative techniques; as well as improve body composition through nutrition and weight management counseling.

Experts agree that those who exercise with a personal trainer are more likely to commit to their fitness program than those who do not use a personal trainer.

By working closely with a Power Boxing Personal Trainer, you can:

  • Stay motivated and committed to your workout program
  • Reduce total body-fat percentage and strengthen muscular system
  • Decrease risk of injury by learning proper exercise techniques
  • Build confidence and a sense of well-being